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Here’s your chance to SOAR in the year of the boar!

“A Good Start is Half the Battle Won”

  • The time is NOW. Equip yourself with powerful lessons and useful tips to help you charge wisely ahead into the Year of the Boar 2019, using the powerful ancient art of Chinese Metaphysics. Join us for these exclusive seminars covering all important topics to ensure you are ready for YOUR best and most rewarding 2019:



  • 現在就一起來學習強大而有用的中華古老玄學知識,協助您明智的迎接2019己亥年的挑戰。趕快加入我們的2019己亥年運程分享會 (媒介以粤语为主),以確保您為全新及諸事大吉的一年做好準備:

    LEARN: What 2019 means for YOU

  • • Be the FIRST to hear all out about the overall outlook of 2019.
  • • Identify which WHO will thrive (or suffer) and how YOU can make the best out of the current economic situation.


  • • 全面瞭解2019年的整體前景。
  • • 確定哪些行業將茁壯成長(或遭受挫折)以及您如何在當下的經濟趨勢發揮最大作用。

    DISCOVER: Chinese Astrology (Bazi)

  • • Learn about the overall forecast for 2019 based on all 12 animal signs.
  • • Learn how this impacts YOU personally based on your personal date and time of birth.
  • • Participate in focused and personalised sessions based on YOUR individual Bazi, learn exactly what to expect and look out for in 2019, and how you can maximize both your professional and personal potential.


  • • 根據12生肖分析2019年的總體預測。
  • • 根據您的個人出生日期和時間瞭解2019年對您的個人影響。
  • • 以专注和个性化的课程,根據您的八字去分析瞭解及掌握2019年的運勢,以期如何有效地开拓与發揮您的潛能。

    PICK UP: Feng Shui Tips

  • • Know what YOUR best sectors for wealth, health and relationships are, and how you can directly benefit from them.
  • • Practice the dos and don’ts when it comes to Feng Shui and enjoy visible and more positive results in every aspect of your life.
  • • Learn how to improve your personal and professional relationships in the workplace or your respective industries.


  • • 瞭解您的財富,健康和人際關係的最佳風水方位,以及如何直接從中受益。
  • • 學習運用風水方面時應注意的事項,並學會如何在生活中享受由風水所帶來的正面成果。
  • • 瞭解如何改善個人及职场的人際關係。

    MASTER: Power Date Selections

  • • Learn to identify the best and most effective dates for receiving the God of Wealth and the God of Noblemen plus the auspicious dates after Chinese New Year that is most suitable for you to resume work to ensure a smooth year ahead.
  • • It is no secret that power dates have long been instrumental to the successes of both important personal or professional events. From global organisations selecting the most auspicious dates for their product launches and corporate events to families and individuals seeking out dates that will best work for their weddings, moving into new homes and more – all these successes can be affected by one simple act of choosing the right power dates!
  • • Identify which are the best and most auspicious Feng Shui dates for various activation suited to YOU including wealth enhancement, health improvement and relationships to ensure you are getting the best out of every situation.


  • • 提前预知迎接财神和貴神吉日。
  • • 選對開工好日子,己亥年全年有運行, 諸事皆順利。
  • • 在華人社會裡,擇选吉日對華人有举足轻重的影响。農曆新年期間何時開市、企業的商品發佈會、辦喜事、新居入伙等,有不少人都會先選個“黃道吉日”,祈求趨吉避凶!
  • • 选出最適合您的黃道吉日- 把握天时、地利、人和,从而达到趋吉避凶、吉祥如意、财运腾达、改善健康与人際關係。

All these exclusive lessons, tips, personalized learnings and MORE, to be revealed on 12th (English Session) OR 13th (Cantonese Session) January 2019!!!

所有的獨家分享,貼士,學習,將於2019年1月12日(英語)或 1月13日(粤语)揭曉!

  • P.s: Print out your free personal bazi chart at our website (link below) and bring it on event day!
  • P.s:在我們的網站上打印您的免費個人八字圖表(鏈接如下)並在活動當天帶來!
  • http://tarot.soleiltrinity-resources.com/Info.aspx

    Speaker's Profile

    Jessie Lee, Founder of Soleil trinity Resource, Chinese Metaphysics Consultant

    “We live by choice, not by chance.”

  • Jessie Lee turned a teenage curiosity of the metaphysical into a global empire that serves spiritual guidance and ancient knowledge to corporate entities and affluent individuals around the world. As a professional instructor of Tarot card reading and various branches of Chinese metaphysics, fully trained and certified in the school of thought that is Dato’ Joey Yap’s Mastery Academy, Jessie Lee and her consultancy firm, Soleil Trinity Resource, have been consistently relied upon by celebrities, politicians, and members of royalty, as well as entrepreneurs and brand managers, to provide clarity in the chaotic modern world.

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